The Chocolate Touch

Written by Patrick Skene
Illustrated by Margot Apple

Reviewed by Julia F. (age 8)

Do you like Chocolate? Well John Midas does, he will eat it any hour of the day even when he is not suppose to. One day after finding a chocolate coin with his initials on it, he wanders into a candy store. He buys some special chocolate. He eats the chocolate and then everything he touches turns to chocolate. Thatís when all his troubles begin.

I felt good as I read this book because itís very funny how John reacts. I liked Johnís mother because she is kind and nice. I liked this book a lot, especially when he goes bobbing apples at his friend Susanís birthday party because itís funny.

I think others should read this book because itís outstanding and it may connect to you or anyone. I think readers who like chocolate should read this book. I think it would interest readers that everything started with a piece of chocolate. I give this book 5 stars because it teaches you to be careful what you wish for. So run along, go read this book or go buy a piece of chocolate.

Julia F. is a student in Mrs. Adolphus' 3rd Grade Class