Arthur's Baby

Written by Marc Brown • Illustrated by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Ranie G. (age 7)

Arthur's mother is having a baby. His friends give him advice. Binky says he'll need earplugs. Muffy says he'll have to change dirty diapers. Mom goes to have the baby and Grandma comes to take care of Arthur and D.W. Mom comes home with baby sister, Kate. D.W. thinks she knows more about babies than Arthur. Mom leaves Arthur in charge. D. W. takes over. But Arthur is the only one who can burb Kate and stop her crying. She's his baby sister.

I liked the book because I would like a baby sister. It is funny. The pictures are interesting.

I recommend it to anyone who has a baby girl. I think brothers and sisters would like this book.

Ranie G. is a student in Miss Campbell's 2nd Grade Class