Nate the Great and the Phony Clue

Written by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat
Illustrated by Marc Simont

Reviewed by Austin A. (age 8)

Do you like books where the detective solves all his mysteries? Then, Nate the Great and the Phony Clue will make you smile, smile, smile! Nate finds small clues and he needs to figure out what the clues mean. Does he solve the mystery on time? You will have to read the rest of the story to find out.

What I like about the story is the pictures. Nate is funny because on the cover he looks scared. Also, Sludge is funny because his eyes look weird. This book is part of the Nate the Great series. They are all about finding the clues and solving the mystery. This book reminds me of Fish Surprise because he had to find a tuna can that had gold paint on it with the writing, “smartest”. The dog Sludge reminds me of my dog Snickers. Snickers can sniff something and then find where it’s hidden. Sludge does the same thing in the story.

I think other kids would like this book because if they like mysteries they will like this book. There are a lot of photos to find. Children who like mysteries will enjoy this book. They will have fun trying to solve the mystery. Also, if you like dogs you’ll like this book because Nate’s sidekick is his dog, Sludge.

Nate the Great is a book series so if you like this book is you will probably like the others. Quickly go to your local library and catch another Nate the Great book. Happy solving!

Austin A. is a student in Mrs. Burnell's & Mr. Tompkin's 3rd Grade Class