Written by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel • Illustrated by Jackie Urbanovic

Reviewed by Ayden N. (age 7)

This is about Harriet a hamster wanting to be a glamster but she failed. Harriet looked in a fashion magazine. Harriet wanted to be like one of those glamsters in the magazine so she started to put on high-gloss and fur-volumizer, using carrot juice, water, and essence of sesame seed husk. She rubbed the potion over every inch of her fur just as the article said. Then the article said to make a hat, so Harriet made a hat and Harriet said to her sister, “look at me Patricia.” Patricia screamed. Patricia looked Harriet up and down and then pushed her in a bucket of water because she thought Harriet looked ugly. Both hamsters wanted to be adopted.

I like the story because hamsters are my third favorite pet. I like this book because it's funny. It is funny when they dress up like glamsters. My favorite part of this book is when Harriet started to scream. I like that part because my sister screams like Harriet.

I recommend this book to second and third graders. If you like hamsters look for the book “Glamsters”.

Ayden N. is a student in Ms. Roberts' 2nd Grade Class