The Haunted Hotel

Written by Ron Roy
Illustrated by Timothy Bush

Reviewed by Jennifer A. (age 8)

Boo! Do you like being scared? Then you should read A-Z Mysteries: The Haunted Hotel. This book is about three kids named Josh, Dink and Ruth Rose. Josh, Dink and Ruth Rose solve mysteries as a team. In this book someone got robbed and they canít figure out who did it. All they have are clues to follow! Read this book to join their team and solve the mystery!

I thought the story was interesting because it had a suspenseful mystery. The detailed pictures helped understand whatís happening in the book. I think the illustrations were a helpful tool in the book. The drawings helped me picture the story much better. All of the illustrations are in color. I found Dink ambitious because he always tries to put the team back on track to solve the mysteries and figure out who robbed the hotel. The book made me feel like a sleuth! I wanted to join their team and solve the crime with them!

I recommend this book to kids ages 7-10. They would enjoy this book. Kids might like scary stories. If you do like mysteries then go to the library and get it now! One thing that might interest you is the mystery and the clues. I can only tell you one clue: they found a little tiny hair that could be the robberís!

Jennifer A. is a student in Miss Treuer's 3rd Grade Class