Magic Tree House Revolutionary War on Wednesday

Written by Mary Pope Osborne
Illustrated by Sal Murdocca

Reviewed by Jake M. (age 9)

Do you like the Magic Tree House books? If you do then you should read Revolutionary War on Wednesday. It’s about a girl and boy named Jack and Annie who meet George Washington and his crew. When the kids asked if they could come with him and his crew, George Washington told them to go home. But, they did not listen! Instead, the children snuck on the boat when the crew was not looking. Read this book to find out what happens on their adventure!

I thought the story was amazing because Jack and Annie snuck on the boat to solve a mystery. The pictures helped me understand all the actions going on in the book. My favorite part was when Jack and Annie snuck on the boat because Gorge Washington told them to go home but they did not listen to him. Who wouldn’t listen to the first president of the United States? This book is part of a series called Magic Tree House. This book is similar to other books in the series because it has a good mystery and will always have the same main characters. In the beginning General Washington told the kids they cannot go the crew. In the end, he was thankful because Jack and Annie helped them fight the British. He learned to appreciate the kids throughout the book.

I recommend this book to people who like Gorge Washington and American History because it has information about the Revolutionary War. Also to people who like The Magic Tree House books.

Jake M. is a student in Miss Treuer's 3rd Grade Class