Brave Irene

Written by William Steig • Illustrated by William Steig

Reviewed by Cole R. (age 8)

“Irene go hooooome!” Read to find out if Irene can beat the wind and get to the duchess’s house to bring the dress.

This story is about a girl named Irene. Irene’s mother made a dress for the duchess, and she is sick and cannot bring it to the palace for the ball. It may be a blizzard, but Irene still tries to bring the dress to the palace. If you want to find out what happens to Irene, then read this book.

My favorite character is Irene because she walked in a blizzard and most people wouldn’t even think about doing that. This is a great book because you learn a lesson. The lesson is to never give up. I think this is the best book ever.

I recommend this book because it teaches you how to never give up. I think you should read this book today!

Cole R. is a student in Mrs. Smith's 2nd Grade Class