Syvester and the Magic Pebble

Written by Allen James • Illustrated by Gary Thomas

Reviewed by Brodie B. (age 8)

Sylvester and the Magic Pebble by William Steig is a great story. In the beginning Sylvester had a hobby, he collected stones. He found a magic pebble and was walking home when he saw a lion on Strawberry Hill. He got startled and confused and he wished he was a rock. He stood there frozen for all the months of the year except May. If you want to find out what happens to Sylvester, then read this book.

I liked this book because it was funny when Sylvester turned himself into a stone. I also liked when his mother and father were looking for him. They asked a lot of other animals to help them find their child. I also liked when Sylvester’s parents had a picnic on the rock that was Sylvester.

I recommend this book because it teaches others to think before saying things. If you think you need to work on this than then this book is for you.

Brodie B. is a student in Mrs. Smith's 2nd Grade Class