Have Fun, Molly Lou Melon

Written by Patty Lovell • Illustrated by David Catrow

Reviewed by Talia B. (age 7)

Welcome back Molly Lou Melon! Here comes Molly Lou Melon again in Have Fun, Molly Lou Melon.

This story is about a small girl with a huge imagination. In the beginning, Molly has nothing to do, so she asks her grandmother what to do. Her grandmother says when she was little she didnít have dolls so she made dolls out of leaves and flowers. So Molly did just that. Then Molly kept getting bored so she kept asking her grandmother what to do. Then a new girl named Gertie moved in next door. Molly invites her over to play and Gertie is amazed by what Molly likes and owns.

I like this book because Molly Lou Melon is very small and intelligent. My favorite part is when Gertie is amazed at what she can do. I liked it when Mollyís can telephone goes click. This book reminded me of when I play really good games. I enjoyed the book because itís funny and has a lot of good things.

I recommend this book because Molly is small but has a big brain. If you like smart people than you will definitely love this book.

Talia B. is a student in Mrs. Smith's 2nd Grade Class