Library Lion

Written by Michelle Knudsen • Illustrated by Kevin Hawkes

Reviewed by Jack P. (age 8)

Stay seated because a lion just came into the library! Dive into Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen and find out what happens!

This story is about a lion that goes to the library. The lion goes to story time. When the story time is over a little girl tells the librarian there is a lion there. The lion roared and he got in trouble. Jump into this book to find out if the lion will come back to the library again.

My favorite character is the lion because lions have sharp teeth and it is my favorite animal. My favorite part is when the lion roars at Mr. McBee. I like this part because he roars really loud. In addition, this book is funny. Its weird to picture a lion in a library. If you like lions then you will definitely love this book!

Jack P. is a student in Mrs. Smith's 2nd Grade Class