The Day the Crayons Quit

Written by Drew Daywalt • Illustrated by Oliver Jeffers

Reviewed by Jordan L. (age 8)

The book started off with a box of crayons writing letters to a boy named Duncan. All of the crayons decide to quit and each color has a different reason. Red crayon is tired he think he is overworked. Purple crayon is very neat but Duncan isnít and purple crayon is mad because Duncan doesnít stay in the lines. Beige crayon is sad because Duncan only uses him for wheat. Orange crayon and yellow crayon are fighting who was the color of the sun.

I enjoyed reading the book because I like when Apricot said, "Why did you peel my skin off? Now Iím naked and afraid to get out of the box."

I recommend reading this story because it's silly to think that crayons can talk. I can't imagine my crayons quitting.

Jordan L. is a student in Ms. Ohrn's 2nd Grade Class