Sylvester and the Magic Pebble

Written by William Steig • Illustrated by William Steig

Reviewed by Tiffany M. (age 7)

Sylvester Duncan was a donkey who lived with his mother and father. One rainy day he went out to look for pebbles. He found a perfectly round red pebble. He made a wish for it to stop raining. Next thing you know, it did stop raining. It was nice and sunny and he wished it back to rainy. He ran to tell his mom and dad about the magic pebble. But on the way home, he ran into a lion. He was very frightened. He had so many choices about what to turn into so he said, "I wish I was a rock". After the confused lion left, Sylvester wished he was back to normal but it didn't happen. The magic could only be done if you were holding the magic pebble. Sylvester's parents were worried. "What if he never comes back?", said his mother. One day his parents went out to have a picnic. They set up the picnic on the rock that was Sylvester. The next thing you know... well you're just going to have to read it.

This is a good book because there are talking animals. This is also a good book because it teaches you a lesson about not giving up. I also like this book because it has neat illustrations that helped me know what was happening in the story. The book is also funny because the animals walk around on two feet like people. One of my favorite parts is when the dog is jump roping because it was funny.

I recommend that all second graders read this book. Six through twelve year olds could read this book too. I recommend that you could read this to other people because it has funny parts.

Tiffany M. is a student in Mrs. Gonsalves' 2nd Grade Class