Library Lion

Written by Michelle Knudsen • Illustrated by Kevin Hawkes

Reviewed by Trevor B. (age 7)

The Library Lion is a lion that walks past the circulation desk. The lion wandered all around the library. He sniffed the card catalog. The lion rubbed his head against the new book collection and lays his head against a bean bag. Then the woman reads at story hour and the lady's nervous but there are no rules about lions in the library. So she reads it clearly, but when she's done, the lion roars loud. The librarian, Mrs. Merriweather marches over and says, "Who is making that noise?". She told the lion he'd have to leave if he was loud. A little girl tugged at Mrs. Merriweather's dress and asks if he can come to story hour tomorrow if he's quiet. Before long, the lion is doing things to help out in the library like dusting the encyclopedias and bringing books back to the shelves. One day Mrs. Merriweather gets hurt and she asks the library lion to help. He runs and roars loudly to get help, but he gets in trouble for breaking the rules and he hangs his head and leaves the library. Once Mrs. Merriweather gets help and is ok, something isn't the same at the library anymore without the lion. Mr. McBee decides to look all over for the library lion, but doesn't have any luck. If you want to know how it all ends, read this book.

This book was unexpected that a lion walked to the library. I likes the pictures because they were creative. I liked that the book was fiction.

I recommend this book because it's funny and interesting because a lion walks in the library. I recommend this book to kids ages 5-8.

Trevor B. is a student in Mrs. Gonsalves' 2nd Grade Class