Henry and Mudge and the Great Grandpas

Written by Cynthia Rylant • Illustrated by Sucie Stevenson

Reviewed by Ryan G. (age 7) and Matthew N. (age 7)

Henry and Mudge go to the Great-Grandpa's house. The grandpas are having a lot of time playing croquet. Henry and Mudge decide to go to the boat house and make some presents for the great-grandpas. Henry wants to go for a swim so they go back to ask permission. Mudge gets some yummy treats. All the great-grandpas decide to swim too. At the end, Henry and Mudge are so tired, they fall asleep on the porch.

Our favorite part of the story is when Henry and the great-grandpas go to the beach because the great-grandpas have fun swimming in the pond. Our favorite character is Henry because he takes good care of Mudge. This story relates to our lives because we do nice things like Henry does. The story has pictures and if it didn't, we wouldn't know what was going on.

We think others should read it because this story is all about kindness.

Ryan G. and Matthew N. are students in Mrs. Okamura's 1st/2nd Grade Class