Henry and Mudge and the Wild Goose Chase

Written by Cynthia Rylant • Illustrated by Carolyn Bracken

Reviewed by Jibril D. (age 6) and Ronak K. (age 8)

Henry's mother wants farm fresh eggs, corn, and blueberries. They all go to a farm in the country and see many things on the way there like chickens. They finally reach the farm their mother buys fruits and vegetables. Henry and Mudge start exploring and see a goose which starts chasing them. Finally they run back to the house and shut the door to be safe.

Our favorite part of the story is when Henry and Mudge are chased by a goose on the farm because it's funny. Our favorite character is Mudge because he is Henry's best friend. This story relates to our lives because we have seen geese before. The pictures help tell what is going on.

We think others should read this story because it's funny and entertaining.

Jibril D. and Ronak K. are students in Mrs. Okamura's 1st/2nd Grade Class