The Littles Go on a Hike

Written by John Peterson • Illustrated by Jacqueline Rogers

Reviewed by Jibril D. (age 6)

In the story Lucy and Tina are penpals. Lucy wanted to visit Tina so they went on an adventure. They started to hike and by noon, they were halfway there. Then they decided to lounge. A bird swooped down and grabbed Tom. The family tried to save him, but Lucy was successful. Finally, they made it to Tina's house and had dinner.

My favorite part was when Uncle Pete tried to stab the bird. The character that is my favorite is Uncle Pete because he had a sword. This story relates to my life because I have been on an adventure with my family, just like the Littles. The story has pictures and they do help tell the story.

I do think others should read this story because it is funny, amazing, and full of adventures.

Jibril D. is a student in Mrs. Okamura's 1st/2nd Grade Class