Tacky the Penguin

Written by Helen Lester • Illustrated by Lynn Munsinger

Reviewed by Gavin F. (age 5)

This story was about a penguin named Tacky who couldn't do anything that the other penguins could do. He didn't march straight and he wore flower shirts. One day hunters came to catch penguins, but Tacky scared them away because he didn't act like a penguin. I won't tell you how he made them go away, but at the end, all of the other penguins hugged Tacky.

The book was funny because of the things Tacky did to make the hunters go away. I liked the part when Tacky sang songs. The pictures were colorful because they really looked like penguins.

I recommend this book to all kids. I think kids who like funny stories would like this book very much.

Gavin F. is a student in Mrs. Lehmann's 1st Grade Class
Summer 2001