The Teacher From the Black Lagoon

Written by Mike Thaler • Illustrated by Jared Lee

Reviewed by Maeve W. (age 7)

Dear Reader,

The Teacher From the Black Lagoon is a book about a boy and some other kids who have one nasty, green teacher! She could do anything to those poor kids.

I think this book really pulls you in because the little boy wonders who he has for a teacher. He has Mrs. Green! She is known to be a real monster! She is so mean the kids get burned, eaten up, and beheaded! You can also tell Mrs. Green is mean because she scratches her name on the chalkboard and says to the kids, “We will do pages 1 to 200 in our math book.”

This book has a happy ending because the kids she did bad things to come back the way they were when they first came to school. I felt relieved when the kids came back and the teacher was not a monster anymore.

Now you should agree that Mrs. Green is one nasty, green teacher, but a fun character to read about, too!

Happy Reading,


Maeve W. is a student in Ms. Babik's 2nd Grade Class