Love, Ruby Lavender

Written by Deborah Wiles

Reviewed by Emily S. (age 7)

This book is about a girl named Ruby. Ruby has three chickens: Ivy, Bemmie, and Bess. Ruby has a grandma named Miss Eula. Miss Eula went to Hawaii. Ruby and Miss Eula write letters to each other.

There's a girl named Melba Jane that Ruby hates. Melba Jane does something very bad in the story. . .

The unique and special parts of the book are the letters. I loved the book because it is fun to read. My favorite part was when Rosebud (the baby chick) went to the school house because it was funny.

I think everybody would like this book because it's like real life.

Emily S. is a student in Mrs. Gracia's 1st Grade Class
Summer 2001