Cabin Creek Mysteries: The Clue At The Bottom Of The Lake

Written by Kristiana Gregory
Illustrated by Patrick Faricy

Reviewed by Lucas A. (age 8)

Do you like mysteries? Well if you do read this book. It is a series book. It is a book about a 12 year old boy named Jeff and a 10 year old boy named David and a 9 year old girl named Claire who is the boys’ cousin. Jeff and David see someone throwing a sack into the lake it was… oh I am not supposed to tell you. If you want to find out who did it and what was in the sack and why the person did it read this book!

My opinion is that this is one of the best books I ever read. My favorite part is when they try to get the sack from the lake. I think you should read the series. I think Jeff is the smartest, because he sketches everything and tries to find clues through his drawing. The part in the story when they went into the cold lake reminded me of when I jumped into a cold lake.

I would recommend this book to kids that like to read mysteries. I think kids will be interested in reading the entire Cabin Creek series. 2nd graders through 4th graders should read this book because it is not too easy and not too hard and it has an 8 page sneak peak of the next book. There are 158 pages in all.

Lucas A. is a student in Mrs. Burnell & Mr. Tompkins' 3rd Grade Class