Alfie All Alone

Written by Holly Webb

Reviewed by Megan W. (age 8)

Do you like dog books? If you do you should read Alfie all Alone. Itís about a dog that gets adopted by a girl named Ella and she names him Alfie. Ellaís mom has a baby and when it comes home Ella doesnít play with Alfie anymore she only plays with the baby. Ellaís mom and dad are thinking about bringing Alfie back to the adoption center. Will Alfie keep his home or not?

I think Alfie all Alone is a good book. I thought it was funny that Alfie was jealous. Sometimes when dogs are jealous they will do anything until they have you to themselves. This book reminds me of another book Sky the Unwanted Kitten because both animals might get taken away back to the adoption center. The books are by the same author, too. I think Alfie is cute. He is white. That is good camouflage for the winter. Thatís why I think itís a good book.

I would recommend this book for grades 2nd to 4th. I think the book is more of a girl book because it is mainly about a girl, a baby, and a dog. The main reason I like it is because Iím a fan of dogs. So if you are a dog fan, you will like this book.

Megan W. is a student in Ms. Quindazzi's 3rd Grade Class