Written by Christy Steele

Reviewed by Gianmarco P (age 7)

This book is about tarantulas. They bite and they eat animals and they live in hot places. There are poisonous and not poisonous tarantulas, but they just bite. Tarantulas can have babies. Baby tarantulas find food by eating enemies. People eat tarantulas in a leaf. I would not eat a tarantula because they have silk inside them.

I think the tarantulas are creepy. They have colors and stripes which allows them to scare people and try to kill them. I thought the book was cool because tarantulas can eat other animals such as flies, ants, praying mantis and frogs. I like the black and yellow tarantula the best because the legs look really cool. I would like to have a tarantula as a pet and they can bite when they're scared, and when something is going to eat them.

I would recommend this book to Brian because it's cool and because I like tarantulas and I think Brian would too. Other people would like this too because the tarantulas bite when they're scared, and when they're not scared they don't bite.

Gianmarco P is a member in New York Cares/Island School Reading Club's Spring 2014 (2013-2014)