Ice-Cold Birthday

Written by Maryann Coccal Leffler • Illustrated by Maryann Coccal Leffler

Reviewed by Aanika M. (age 6)

This story is about a girl named Janine. She always thought she had bad luck. On her birthday, there was a terrible snowstorm and she had to cancel her birthday party. But her family made her feel better. Her parents gave her a big surprise. Janine realized how lucky she was to have a good family.

My favorite part is when they went sledding because I love to go sledding. My favorite character is Janine because she is the birthday girl. This story relates to my life because we all need our family for our birthday. The pictures helped me imagine the story.

I think others should read this story because it teaches others to be happy no matter what. This story is awesome, great, and amazing.

Aanika M. is a student in Mrs. Okamura's 1st Grade Class