Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet

Written by Diane deGroat • Illustrated by Diane deGroat

Reviewed by Brianna C. (age 9)

Is Halloween your favorite holiday? Do you like to wear original costumes on Halloween? This story is about Gilbert who for Halloween wants to wear an original Martian Space Pilot costume. Somehow his costume gets miked up with his sister's pink ballerina costume. Gilbert ends up wearing the ballerina costume on his school's Costume Parade. Even though he covered his face with a paper bag, you will want to know what his friends said when they saw him dressed as a ballerina.

This book it's funny because Gilbert looks silly with a tutu! My favorite part is when Gilbert tripped on Lola, his little sister, and all his friends see him dressed as a ballerina. I liked it because it was Gilbert'smost embarrasing moment. My favorite character is Lola, Gilbert's little sister, because she tries to copy Gilbert all the time. The illustrations are very original and very pretty. They were done with watercolors and are rich in color. This book reminds me of Halloween when I go trick or treating with my friends.

I recommend this book to other children who enjoy Halloween or going trick or treating. They will want to learn Lola's Halloween song, "Trick or Treat smell my feet, give me something good to eat!"

Brianna C. is a member in Calexico Summer Reading Club's Mrs. Chairez' Calexico Summer Reading Club (Summer 2001)