Love You Forever

Written by Robert Munsch • Illustrated by Sheila Mcgraw

Reviewed by Bianca V. (age 7)

Love You Forever is about a mother who likes to rock her baby back and forth, then she likes to sing him a song. The baby grows until he is two years old and he runs around the house and pulls all the books off the shelves. One day he even took his mother's watch and flushed it down the toilet! The baby kept on growing but every night, when he was sleeping, the mother opened the door to his room. She would then crawl across the floor, carry her son, rock him back and forth and she would start singing her song. With this book I learned how even if you behave bad, your mother will still always love you.

I like this book because it was the first book that my mom read to me. This book reminds me when I was a baby. It reminds me of one day when I played with my mom's lipstick and I stained the carpet. My favorite part is when the mother starts singing her song. I like it because I like the words in the song. I like the pictures because they are very colorful.

The book is cute because the mother takes care of her baby until he is a grown up. Other kids should read this book because it shows how we grow up.

Bianca V. is a member in Calexico Summer Reading Club's Mrs. Chairez' Calexico Summer Reading Club (Summer 2001)