Superhero ABC

Written by Bob McLeod

Reviewed by Misty E. (age 8)

This book told about the ABC's using superheroes to explain them. It was a really fun way to learn about the alphabet. I think other kids would enjoy the book and pictures. I learned the ABC's could be fun.

The letter W was about Water Woman. She winks and waves to whales, the whales welcome her. Who knew the letter W could be fun? My favorite was Mrs. Incredible for the letter I. She can become invisible in an instant.

The illustrations are like a comic book would be. They are very colorful. The colors are bright.

I would tell others to read this book, it's a fun way to learn the alphabet. Kids like comic books and this book is just like that. I loved it! You should read it too.

Misty E. is a student in Mrs. Irwin's 2nd Grade Class