The Rainbow Fish

Written by Marcus Pfister • Illustrated by Marcus Pfister

Reviewed by Alexandre J. (age 6)

Rainbow Fish is the most beautiful fish in the ocean. It is a shiny and beautiful fish. All the other fish wanted him to share his shiny scales, but the Rainbow Fish said no. He was not being friendly or nice to the other fish. One day all the other fish turned away from him, and that made the Rainbow Fish feel very bad. Then he shared his scales and stayed with only one scale. He wasn't the most beautiful fish in the water anymore, but now he was the happiest fish in the water because he had lots of friends. The Rainbow Fish teaches you to share and to be nice, too!

My favorite part is when the Rainbow Fish shared his scales. I like this part because it's nice to share. Children will love the illustrations because it has glitter on them. The glittering illustrations make this book special. This book reminds me of Ensenada and the ocean beacuse I go there with my family and I see schools of fish.

Other children should read this book because it's about sharing and friends. I recommend this book to all the children who like the ocean.

Alexandre J. is a member in Calexico Summer Reading Club's Mrs. Chairez' Calexico Summer Reading Club (Summer 2001)