A Bad Case of Stripes

Written by David Shannon
Illustrated by David Shannon

Reviewed by E. D. (age 8)

Do you like to eat lima beans? Camilla Cream loves lima beans. Camilla Cream was picking out a dress for the first day of school she looked in the mirror and she screamed because she had a bad case of stripes. The reason for the bad case of stripes is because she is worried what other people think about her. Read this book to find out if Camilla Cream can be comfortable being her own self.

My favorite character is Camilla Cream because she is the main part of the story. She makes the story really interesting. My favorite part is when she turns into her bedroom because I like to see like what her body parts are in her room. I think the pictures are good because they describe the words.

I recommend this book for teachers to read on the first day of school for their students and for parents to read at home. A Bad Case of Stripes will interest the readers just by looking at the cover. The writing style is good for 2nd grade and up. This book teaches a lesson that you shouldn’t be just like everyone else.

E. D. is a student in Mrs. Love's 3rd Grade Class