Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?

Written by Dr. Seuss

Reviewed by Christian V. (age 6)

This story is about a man named Mr. Brown who can make a lot of sounds. He can "moo" like a cow. He can "buzz" like a bee. He can "pop" like a cork. He can "klapp" like horse feet. Mr. Brown can imitate all sorts of sounds.

I like this book because Mr. Brown could make lots of different sounds. My favorite part is when the man could "blurp" like a horn because it was the loudest sound. I also like the illustrations because the help you read the story better. The words in the story are easy and they make me say the sounds, too.

I recommend this book because it's short, funny and the illustrations are very colorful. I like Dr. Seuss, so I recommend this book to other children who enjoy reading Dr. Seuss' books.

Christian V. is a member in Calexico Summer Reading Club's Mrs. Chairez' Calexico Summer Reading Club (Summer 2001)