Monster Blood

Written by R.L. Stine

Reviewed by Alberto G. (age 9)

The story is about a goo called Monster Blood. It is green and every minute it grows. In the story, there is a boy named Evan. He has a dog named Trigger. One day Trigger eats some Monster Blood and starts growing. Soon Trigger grows like a giant and Evan is scared. The Monster Blood tries to eat Evan and his friend Andy, but it can't catch them, so it eats a bird and two sixteen year old kids. The author wrote and excellent story. It is very original and has lots of adventure, too.

I really liked the story because I like scary stories. I felt chills up and down my spine as I read this fascinating story.

This book made me wonder if monsters really exist. My favorite part of the book is when Trigger grew big because I could imagine a big, big dog. I thought it was cool!

I recommend this book to scary story lovers because I think they'll like it. I think they will like the Monster Blood because it's goey and scary.

Alberto G. is a member in Calexico Summer Reading Club's Mrs. Chairez' Calexico Summer Reading Club (Summer 2001)