Encyclopedia Brown Boy Detective

Written by Donald Sobel
Illustrated by Leonard Shortall

Reviewed by O.H.S. (age 9)

Encyclopedia Brown Boy Detective illustration will appear here.

The short mysteries are about a Civil War sword, a watermelon stabbing, and a few others! It always starts at dinner time, in the Brown’s house, when Mr. Brown, the police chief explains a very hard case to his son, Encyclopedia. Read the book to find out how his son is always able to solve the case.

This book is very good because it explains how Encyclopedia solves different mysteries. I like this book because I like mysteries. I also like it because I can try to guess how Encyclopedia solved the mystery, but if I can’t, I can look in the back to see how it was solved. It is always interesting to see if you are right

I recommend this book to students in grades two through three. I also recommend this book to readers who like short stories and mysteries. There are plenty to read in this exciting series.

O.H.S. is a student in Mr. Grin's 3rd Grade Class