Confectionately Yours Save the Cupcakes

Written by Lisa Papdemetriou

Reviewed by I.G. (age 8)

Do you love to eat chocolate cupcakes? Well, Haley does! This book tells about a girl named Haley Hicks who loves to bake cupcakes. But things are not good for Haley. Her parents have gotten divorced, and she and her best friend Artie start disagreeing. Haley realizes she needs a lot of sugar to sweeten up this situation. Her and her sister Chloe are stuck sharing a bedroom in their grandmaís apartment. They donít have a house because her mom has lost her job. So, the girls start baking cupcakes together at Haleyís grandmaís cafť to sell at school.

Itís a special book because it has great characters. My favorite characters are Hayley, Chloe, Marco, Artie and her grandmother. I like them because they all have their own personalities. My favorite part is how Hayley makes cupcakes for her entire class and they love them. The book does not have any drawings but the book is detailed and you can make pictures of cupcakes in your mind. The story is special because itís like a very sweet cupcake adventure. Itís similar to this other good book Pinkalicious because it also has cupcakes in it.

I recommend this book because itís a very sweet cupcake story. If you like cupcakes itís the story for you. An interesting thing is that it has cupcake recipes in the book (some cupcakes I never heard of). It was such a good book that I couldnít put it down. Hayley is going to have a cupcake adventure. Would you like one too?

I.G. is a student in Ms. Lyle's 3rd Grade Class