Nate the Great and the Big Sniff

Written by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat • Illustrated by Martha Weston

Reviewed by Sadie S. (age 7)

Nate the Great and the Big Sniff illustration will appear here.

This book is about a boy detective named Nate the Great. And the problem is that he lost his dog Sluge. Sluge is a good dog not a bad dog like Fang, Nate's friend Andy's dog. The setting is on a rainy day in a store. It is rainy because there is going to be a storm and Nate is going to the store because he wanted to buy things for Sluge.

I like this book because I like detectives. This book reminds me of the time I played detective with my friend Luise and we were trying to find my cat Sall and he was in the bathtub licking all of the little water drops. I like the illustrator's work because it was in color and I think it would not be good with black and white. My favorite part is when Nate the Great thinks that Fang is Sluge because it was not Sluge.

I recommend this book to people who have dogs because I think it will be an experience for them.

Sadie S. is a student in Ms.Rodriguez's 1st/2nd Grade Class