Ready Freddy, The Pumpkin Elf Mystery

Written by Abby Klein • Illustrated by John McKinley

Reviewed by Bunmi A. (age 7)

“It’s gone! It’s gone,” cried Freddy! Freddy’s pumpkin from the pumpkin elf was gone. His mother went to see it. Freddy had just lost his pumpkin. If you want to see who took Freddy’s pumpkin, read this book to find out.

The character I like the most is Jessie. She is strong enough to stand up to Max. He is the biggest bully in the whole first grade. This book is a really good book because it has great pictures and words. Look for the word “fin” in every picture. It is hard to spot. I like this book because there is a funny mystery towards the end of the book and I love mysteries.

I recommend this book to people who like surprises. I think that because there are surprises in the book. If you like to read books with surprises, you will love this book.

Bunmi A. is a student in Mrs. Vossos' 1st Grade Class