Black Beauty

Written by Anna Sewell
Illustrated by Anna Sewell

Reviewed by Jillian B. (age 9)

Would you like to read a fiction book about a horse named Black Beauty? This is about a horse that has many different owners. He had many mean owners and only a few owners were nice. The last owner he finds has a big family! Is he nice? What will happen next? Read the book to find out.

This book was one of the best books I ever read! The best character in the story was Black Beauty because he narrated the story and was the main character. My personal connection with horses is that I donít like to see horsesí being treated the way Black Beauty was treated. This book reminded me of the book called the Black Stallion. The Black Stallion went through a lot of hardships. I can identify with this story because I have seen horses come from terrible homes to loveable homes at my grandma and grandpaís horse farm.

I would recommend this book to 2nd graders and up because I think this book will be enjoyable for everybody. This book has 152 pages. The reader has to really like horses and has to get completely zoned into the book. The reader would have to feel Black Beautyís feelings. The reader has to be interested in how Black Beauty was owned by many different owners.

Jillian B. is a student in Mrs. Burnell/Mr. Tompkins' Third Grade Class