The Littles

Written by John Peterson
Illustrated by Roberta Carter Clark

Reviewed by Angelina G (age 8)

In the story The Littles, I met Lucy and Tom. Lucy and Tom are little and that’s why they’re called the Littles. The Littles live in the Bigg’s basement. The Bigg’s are the humans who own the Little’s house. Tom and Lucy like to listen to stories. They like stories so much they beg to hear them all the time. They’re so little that the mice think they’re toys so they keep bothering them. Lucy and Tom try to get a human to notice the mice and get mouse traps. The mice think the Littles are their prey so the mice go after them to try to eat them. The Littles feel like they’re in danger. Will the Bigg’s keep them safe? Or will the mice eat them?

I think this is a good book. I think it’s a good book because Lucy saves Uncle Tom from the mice. She stabs a bow and arrow into a mouse’s tail. My favorite part was when Tom tried to get the mice to stop bothering them by dressing up like a mouse and getting a human to notice him. Tom is trying to save the Littles from the mice! I like Tom and Lucy because they help their family. I like that they help their family because I think that’s cool that the children help the adults.

I recommend this book to someone that is 7 years old and up because there are frightening moments. If you like to help your parents Tom and Lucy are perfect for you. This book teaches us to help protect our parents from danger or death.

Angelina G is a student in Mrs. Vega's 3rd Grade Class