The Bears on Hemlock Mountain

Written by Alice Dalgliesh
Illustrated by Helen Sewell

Reviewed by Maderas S (age 8)

In this story I met a kid named Jonathan. Jonathanís mom told him to get a big pot from his auntís house. His aunt lives on top of the mountain. Jonathan goes to his auntís house and falls asleep. He needs to get home before dark. He needs to because he is scared of bears and thinks that there are bears on the mountain. He thinks they will attack him. Then he wakes up, looks out the window and sees that it is dark. He hurries back home, but then hears a noise. It is two bears. The bears try to attack Jonathan and he hides under the pot. The bears stay around him. Will Jonathan ever find a way out?

I think this book is interesting because one part of the book affects the rest of the book and that part of the book is when the bears attack Jonathan. I feel like this book was a little scary because of the part when the bears come and try to attack Jonatha. I think that the illustrations help you understand the book more because you can paint a picture in your mind.

I would recommend The Bears On Hemlock Mountain to a person who likes to be on the edge of their seat while reading a book. In the story you are kept on the edge of your seat when Jonathan almost gets attacked by bears and you keep wondering if Jonathan will be safe or get hurt. You will love this book!

Maderas S is a student in Mrs. Vega's 3rd Grade Class