The Littles Go Exploring

Written by John Peterson

Reviewed by Michael C (age 8)

In this story I meet Tom and Lucy Little and their family. They live in the Bigg’s house. The Littles are really small like mice, even smaller. One day Tom and Lucy were going to get the mail on the roof of the Bigg’s house the way they always do. The letter that they were going to get went down the chimney. They went down the chimney to get the letter. Tom leaned against a brick and it popped out. They saw a secret room. In the secret room they found a table and some paper. Tom realized the paper belonged to grandpa. Tom and Lucy now think that grandpa is alive. They thought that he was dead all these years because he had been missing. Tom and Lucy told everyone in the family except grandma about their discovery. Everyone still thinks grandpa is dead but Tom and Lucy want to go find him.

I think that this book is the best book of the Littles series. I think so because this book is an adventure and mystery. I love these kind of books. It’s a mystery and adventure because Tom and Lucy are exploring but there also trying to find grandpa. I think that this was a really good book. I think so because the characters are so creative because they build a boat to go find grandpa. I also think that this book is exciting because the author gives a lot of details throughout the story.

If you’re a person that likes mysteries and adventures then I recommend that you read this book. My favorite part was when Tom and Lucy told their family that grandpa is alive. The family didn’t believe Tom and Lucy but Tom and Lucy still tried to find grandpa.

Michael C is a student in Mrs. Vega's 3rd Grade Class