Miss Lazar Is Bizarre!

Written by Dan Gutman
Illustrated by Jim Paillot

Reviewed by James M (age 9)

In this story I met a kid named A.J, a custodian named Miss Lazar, and two of A.J.s friends named Ryan and Michael. A.J. Ryan and Michael know each other from being in the same class. Everybody in the school knows that Miss Lazar is bizarre. Thereís a rumor that Miss Lazar has a secret room in the basement where she keeps bad kids. One day after school A.J. and his friends decided to go into Miss Lazarís secret room. Will A.J. and his friends get caught as they sneak into Miss Lazarís secret room? If they get caught will Miss Lazar kept them in her secret room?

I think the book Miss Lazar Is Bizarre is an exciting book because I love adventures and mysteries. Like when A.J. and his friends tried to sneak into Miss Lazarís secret room. I feel that A.J. and his friends should not sneak into Miss Lazarís secret room because if they get caught they might get put in Miss Lazarís secret room. It was after school when they tried to sneak in. If anyone who is staying after school sees them they will get in trouble. I think that Ryan is different from A.J. and Michael because Ryan will eat anything like paper and gross food.

I would recommend this book to readers that like adventures. I think this book is for ages 8 to 10 because this book is a chapter book with 2 or 3 new words that the reader is going to learn.

James M is a student in Mrs. Vega's 3rd Grade Class