Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw

Written by Jeff Kinney
Illustrated by ChadW.Beckerman

Reviewed by Jon M (age 9)

In the story, Diary of a Wimpy Kid the Last Straw, I met Greg. He is a really wimpy kid. His dad is trying to change his wimpy ways, but Greg‘s dad just needs to see that he is not going to change Greg. So his dad signs him up for soccer. Then the following week dad said to Greg, “When summer comes you are going to a military academy”. Will Greg be able to slip out of this one? Read this book to find out if Greg will enjoy his summer or will he be sent to a military academy for the whole summer?

I think this book is one of the funniest books I’ve ever read. It is one of the funniest books I’ve ever read because the main character, Greg Heffley, has a crazy life and all these funny things happen to him. My favorite part was when Greg‘s older brother, Roderick, told him if he can tie his shoes he would give him fifty cents. I think this part is funny because when Greg bent down to tie his shoes Roderick squirts him in the butt with a water gun. That is why I think this book is funny.

I would recommend Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Last Straw to anyone who likes funny things because a bunch of crazy and funny things happen to Greg Heffley. I think anyone could read this book. So I would definitely read this book if you like crazy and funny things.

Jon M is a student in Mrs. Vega's 3rd Grade Class