Tree of Birds

Written by Susan Meddaugh
Illustrated by Susan Meddaugh

Reviewed by Lydia M. (age 8)

"Tree of Birds", is a very cute book about a boy that finds a bird which got hit by a car. The boy takes it home to care for it and calls it Sally. The boy then got a book about birds so he could learn more. Sally was getting lonely but the boy didn't want to let her go. One day this boy thought he was being followed but noticed a bright green tree full of birds. The boy said for them to leave but they wouldn't. Sometime later a snowstorm came and the birds got very cold, they wanted Sally to come with them. So the boy decided to open his bedroom window and let all of the birds in.

I liked this book because I like birds. My favorite part was when the boy got dressed like a cat to try and frighten the tree full of birds. The illustrator also used lots of colors for great drawings in this book.

I recommend this book to children that like birds. I also think anyone would like to read it because it is a cute, funny, easy to read story.

Lydia M. is a student in Mrs. Wolf's 3rd Grade Class