Clouds of Terror

Written by Catherine Welch
Illustrated by Laurie K. Johnson

Reviewed by Michael L. (age 8)

This book is about a girl named Helga and a boy named Erik, along with their parents. One day there was a storm of grasshoppers and they ate all of their crops. They made a trap that would kill all of the grasshoppers, but there was to many. For many weeks the dad hunted to get the family food. Later a snowstorm came, and the family was hoping it would kill the grasshoppers. You will have to read this story to find out what happens to the family and the grasshoppers.

I liked this story because it was interesting with all of the grasshoppers coming in a storm cloud. The illustrations were well done. This book reminded me of a tornado because it is a storm as well.

I recommend this story to people who like longer stories because it is fairly long. If people like suspense stories this would be a good book to read.

Michael L. is a student in Mrs. Wolf's 3rd Grade Class