The Golden Weapons

Written by Tracey West

Reviewed by Dylan K. (age 8)

The book is about when four ninjas journey to the underworld to recover the four weapons. The journey is full of danger as Lord Garmdon has a secret plan. This book tells about Lord Garmdon's plan to steal the four weapons to defeat the four ninjas. Read this book to find out what his secret plan is.

I like this book because all four ninjas go after Lord Garmdon into the under world. I like Jay because he never quits. Jay is also a brave ninja. There's this part that is scary when all the ninjas fall in a lava, but the good part is when they raise from the dead.

I recommend this book to mostly first graders and second graders. They will like the book because it's about adventures. It is also full of danger.

Dylan K. is a student in Knights of the Literary Round Table