The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

Written by Jon Scieszka • Illustrated by Lane Smith

Reviewed by Syeda M. (age 11)

Do you believe the story of Three Little Pigs? The book, The True Story Of the three Little Pigs by Jon Scieszka is about Alexander T. Wolf. Alexander. He is baking a cake for his Granny's birthday. He has a terrible cold. Alexander needs a cup of sugar for the cake. He asks his neighbors for a cup of sugar. Alexander asks the Three Little Pigs. The 1st pig has a house of straw. The 2nd pig has a house of sticks. The 3rd pig has a house of bricks. Does Alexander get the cup of sugar he needs? What happens next? Read more to find out.

I think the book is OK because the book isn't as funny as some people think. I don't think the pigs should judge the wolf. The wolf just wanted a cup of sugar. The pigs thought he was trying to eat them. My favorite part is at the end when the wolf asks you for a cup of sugar. It's my favorite part because after so long, the wolf still wants a cup of sugar. I feel bad for the wolf because he didn't get a cup of sugar. My favorite character is the wolf because he's very silly. The illustrations are very silly too. The wolf wears glasses. The pigs looks silly, sometimes they look evil. This book makes me laugh. The story reminds me of my life because I get framed by my brother. Sometimes I frame him.

I think my cousin, Keyan, would enjoy this book because he loves to laugh and he loves silly books. People who like comedy and silly books would love this book.

Syeda M. is a member in Page Turners After School Program / Rauschenbusch Center's Page Turners Book Club (2011-2012)