Written by Andrew Clements

Reviewed by T.G. (age 9)

Troublemaker is about a boy named Clayton Hensley who made a dumb looking donkey. The donkey is Claytonís principal. Clayton got sent to the principalís office. When Clayton goes home his brother Mitchell comes home and Clayton shows Mitchell the dumb looking donkey. Mitchell had a serious talk with Clayton after Mitchell just got out of jail from getting in trouble.

I really like this book because when Claytonís brother comes home from jail he has a serious talk with Clayton because Clayton is always doing mean things. My favorite part is when Clayton draws a funny looking donkey. Itís my favorite part because I like donkeys. This book isnít like any other book because when siblings come home they donít have serious talks with the main character.

I think you should read this book because the book is really funny and interesting. A boy named Clayton Hensley draws a funny looking donkey who is supposed to be his principal. Wonder what happens next? Then read the book!

T.G. is a student in Ms. Baldwin's 3rd Grade Class