Mr. Tucket

Written by Gary Paulsen
Illustrated by none

Reviewed by Nathan P. (age 10)

Mr. Tucket illustration will appear here.

How would you feel if the Pawnee Indian tribe was on your tail? In the book Mr. Tucket, written by Gary Paulsen, is about a young kid, named Francis. Mr Tucket, Francis, is on the wagon train with his family, but he falls behind. He fell behind, because he was shooting his new rifle that he received for his birthday.

After falling behind he gets caught by the Pawnee Indian tribe. Then a man, Mr. Grimes, saves him by stealing a horse. He tries to help Mr. Tucket get back home to his family. The adventures in this book are breathtaking, because they are so scary. My favorite part is when Mr.Tucket lost the shooting contest with Mr. Grimes. This was my favorite part, because Mr. Tucket learned a good lesson from losing the contest. It is a great book, because it is funny and sad at the same time.

The characters are Mr. Tucket, who is hilarious. Spot Johnnie, he is a good friend, because he always is looking out for people. Mr. Grimes, who is very heroic. Braid, the tribe leader of the Pawnee Indians. Later, Braid burns down Spot Johnnieís house and kills him.

I strongly recommend that you should read this book, because it is full of excitement and you donít know what is going to happen next.

Nathan P. is a student in Ms. Roberts 4th-5th Grade Class