Number the Stars

Written by Lois Lowry

Reviewed by Holland V. (age 11)

Number the Stars illustration will appear here.

How would you feel if soldiers were after your best friend? Number the Stars is a great book. Itís written by Newbery award winner, Lois Lowery. This book is about a girl and her best friend and how they try to escape from the Nazis. Her friend, Ellen, is Jewish and the Nazis are after her and her family, because it is the beginning of World War II!

The book is set in in Denmark, Copenhagen during the 1940s. Since Ellen and her family are Jewish, they have to live with Ellenís best friend, Annmarie. They all live together with Annmarie and her family. One day the Nazis come and search Annmarieís house and almost found Ellen! So the adults decided itís not safe and they have to move to Sweden. While sailing to Sweden the soldiers saw them, which makes for some excitement. Mama tells Annmarie that she is very brave! Will she be brave enough to help out her best friend and her family? Would you be brave enough for the life of your best friend?

I would recommend this book, because I think that you will love the characters! I did, because they can be funny and serious throughout the book. Especially when they need to be! When I was reading this book I felt excitement, sadness, and happiness! I learned that something might sound a little scary, but itís always good to try!

Holland V. is a student in Ms. Roberts 4th-5th Grade Class