Bud, Not Buddy

Written by Christopher Curtis

Reviewed by Garrett C. (age 11)

Families should always stick together, because you could end up in some trouble. Bud, Not Buddy is about a 10 year-old boy who goes on a wonderful adventure. The main character is called Bud. Bud goes on a crazy adventure to find his dad. Budís adventure takes some unexpected turns and crazy events. Budís mom past away when he was six, so he was sent to a foster home. He was never happy in the foster homes, so he always wanted to find his dad.

Bud used this quote when he needed it in his adventure and he used it a lot of times, ďWhen your in a fight and you just had enough then you know, enough is enough.Ē Bud says that at the Amosís house, because Todd Amos is fighting him. Have I mentioned Todd? Todd is a mean twelve year-old boy. Bud uses the quote to find his dad, because he wants to start a new life with his dad.

I really really loved Bud, Not Buddy, I guess thatís why itís a Newberry Award. Bud thinks one of his family members is Herman E. Calloway, youíll just have to find that out yourself by reading the book

I absolutely loved this book, because itís an adventure book and I like adventure books. This is one of the best books I have ever read, because this book has emotion, excitement and adventure. Every boy will enjoy this novel, because there is tiny little tips for boys on growing up, in the book.

If youíre looking for a good adventure book I recommend this book, because Bud goes through a lot of ups and down. Remember, families should always stick together, just like Bud and his family.

Garrett C. is a student in Ms. Roberts 4th-5th Grade Class