Cabin Creek Mysteries -The Haunting of Hillside School

Written by Kristiana Gregory

Reviewed by Kylie R (age 9)

Two brothers, Jeff and David and their younger cousin Claire are in this amazing mystery. Jeff is 12 years old; his brother David is a year younger, so he is 11. Claire, their younger cousin is 9. One day Claire saw a strange face out the window. She couldn’t believe it! When she looked again, it had vanished. The next day they heard a piano playing, they also smelled a spicy sort of cake. Claire and Jeff were going to pick up David and stumbled upon an open door. They went in after the school closed, but then they heard a door slam. They went outside to see but there were only footprints. Read the book to find out what happens next. Boo!

I like this story because it is very spooky. Everything just pops out at you. Once they turned the corner and suddenly there was an animal head. I sort of like the character Claire. I don’t like her because she is always acting like she is the boss of everyone like my sister does to me. I like her because she is funny and always willing to do anything dangerous. I also love the book’s writing style. The way the author put the words together makes it sound so creepy. One creepy part in the story was when Claire, Jeff, and David smelled a spicy sort of cake smell, but there was no cooking allowed in the school. I also like how the author made it so that I picture the story in my head. One time when I could picture it in my head was when it said “Claire moved a painting of a young girl with two long braids and black hair.”

I recommend this book to people who liked to get SPOOKED. I also recommend this book to people who love fiction. There are some parts where I had to stop reading I was so scared. For example, Claire, Jeff, and David were in their tree house and saw a light in the window and saw a shadow of a person. That really scared me.

Kylie R is a student in Ms. Quindazzi's 3rd Grade Class