Mrs. Cooney is Looney

Written by Dan Gutman

Reviewed by Camryn M (age 8)

In this funny book, Mrs. Cooney is Looney, A.J. and his friends are in class and one kid in his class gets sick and throws up out the window and has to go to the nurse. Then A.J pretends to be sick and goes to the nurse. When he goes to the nurse he sees his friend. She needs to go home and A.J. is not really sick. Find out what happens next when you read the book.

I like the part when Mrs. Cooney made A.J. do funny things. She made him balance a ruler on his nose and hop on one foot. I like the way the author made the characters because they were funny and weird. Amanda was funny when she was annoying her friends by talking a lot. A.J is weird when he needs to go to the nurse but doesn’t want to go to the nurse. It was a weird book because they thought Mrs. Cooney was a spy. I think it would be weird, if a teacher were a spy. When they heard that Mrs. Cooney was staying late after school they wanted to stay after school to see if she was a spy. They wanted to go in the school, but they couldn’t follow her in. Instead they hid under a bush under a window.

I recommend this book for first to fourth graders. People who like funny fiction books will like this book.

Camryn M is a student in Ms. Quindazzi's 3rd Grade Class